Please help us make this movie


We are looking for ARTISTS!

Not just "professionals" but anyone with an interest and/or talent.

Art is very important to filmmaking, designing the world before you film it and reaching your audience. We have a great script and some talented artists who have helped us in the past, but we’re not static.

We’re always looking to expand (and we’re fans as well as filmmakers) so we’re asking for you, your friends, everyone, anyone who can draw, sketch, paint, digi-paint, color, cosplay, 3D render, anything and everything!



Any artwork created and sent to us at or posted on our facebook page will be displayed soon on a new page dedicated to all of it. When the film moves into pre-production later this year, the best artist will be invited to become a member of the team and part of the Too Young to Die feature film production! Everyone else who sends artwork will not only get some exposure for their work – or hobby – but also exclusive benefits from the production first! (To be named later, but we have some treats in store. Honest!)

For any and all art in any form (photo-real, stylized, cartoony, even kids sketches with crayons are going up on display!) it can be of something inspired by the concept of Too Young to Die the movie, zombies in general, or a specific scene from the film! (A full printable brief of selected scenes from the film can be seen HERE) Whatever you create, as long as it’s somewhat related to this concept or a love of all things zombie, it will be shown!

The only stipulation is: No nudity or sexual content of any kind. Blood on the other hand, go right ahead!