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Every now and then someone has something to say about us, so all press releases, interviews and articles will be compiled here...

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Internet Movie Database listing.

Audio/Interview: Henry and Wayne Thompson discuss the film with the GravePlotPodcast crew. 06/28/14

Featured/Forum: Wicked Zombies starts a thread about the movie and shows their support! 06/10/14

Featured: Writer/Actor Rod Glenn's starnow, featuring our zombie makeup. 05/30/14

Video: Teaser trailer reposted by Veooz. 05/25/14

Video: Our man Ben Douglas showing his 3D skills and promoting the film. 05/30/14

Article: Zombie Freak fest also spreading word about the movie. 05/12/14

Article: A rotting zombie takes a look at the film. 05/08/14

Article: Promote horror spreading the word about the film. 05/02/14

Article: Horror in the box talking about the film. 05/04/14

Article: Ashort review of the teaser. 04/28/14

Article: Fantastic write up about the movie from Hack Slash Chop and their Friday Crowd Funding reviews. 04/25/14

Article/Interview: Wayne Thompson interviewed for the Sunderland Echo. 04/21/14

Video feature: The teaser trailer as hosted by Sunderland Echo for News Eye. 04/23/14

Feature: Horror Mansion write up and forum. 04/19/14

Feature: A link to the film and in the news section. 04/18/14!stories

Article: A write up about The film at 04/14/14

Article/Interview: Wayne Thompson interviewed for Sun FM 103.4. 04/11/14 - Radio interview.

Interview: Henry Thompson interviewed for Interrogating ideology with a chainsaw. 04/13/14.

Featured: Our trailer has been featured on the Decay Magazine's website. 04/15/14.

Featured: Indie Spotlight at 04/06/14.



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If you feature us anywhere, please let us know so we can link it to this page!

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