It’s a fair question, don’t you think? Well, we’ve used science and research to figure out a test which lets you know if when the zombie snit hits the fan, if you’ll be a survivor or a snack. Willing to take the test and find out?

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As an added bonus, if you like and comment on our Facebook page HERE with your results, we’ll go ahead and bloody or zombify your image depending on what you got and get you up on our WALL OF SURVIVORS/DEAD! Fun stuff.

That aside, this site is devoted to our feature film which is in development now – Too Young to Die – but we don’t just want to put out a movie site. We want to make a community. We have a lot of information and plans including our investment scheme and exclusive limited edition merchandise – For more information about this please CONTACT US.

One thing which really sucks is that you see a trailer for a movie, it looks real exciting and then you pay your money and go watch it and it’s a huge disappointment. We want to avoid that – while we feel very strongly that this script is perfect – as time goes on and we get closer to production, we’ll give the opportunity for you THE FANS to give feedback and help us shape it even stronger every step of the way to make sure when this movie hits theaters, you guys will want to pack the house out and won’t regret it! We’re all in this together people!

But, we’re also film fans, not just filmmakers. We love movies, horror; zombie and otherwise. We’d love to see some ARTWORK from aspiring artists – even kids crayon drawings, anything! Fan fiction, whatever. Let’s build up this movie network. In the future we’ll also be looking for actors, zombies, grips, musicians, bands, effects, etc.

It’s all early days, but in the meantime in our MEDIA section we have some behind the scenes, teasers and posters for the film and some snazzy backgrounds to bring your computer or PS3 to life!
Keep checking back, there is going to be more up here soon enough.
And please tell your friends about our movie, we need all the support we can get to bring this nightmare to life!