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An unimaginable horror.
The dead rise to their feet, driven only by the need to feed. No emotion, no remorse, just instinct...
Too Young to die is a forthcoming feature film about the Zombie apocalypse - from a child's perspective.


After a train crash, a small village in the North of England is overrun with the living dead. As the authorities are scattered, a group of children stay hidden in their school, protected by the last few teachers. But when the creatures find a way in, the children find themselves alone and on the run in a city saturated in blood and suffering. Together, they keep each other safe as they look for help and survival, unsure if they are alone in this terror – or if the whole world is now overrun...



“I must say that “Too Young to Die” is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.
Bravo! #zombies #children #OMG

  • Bill Oberst Jr. (Actor, ‘Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies’, ‘The chair’)


The Script is complete. It's being sent to investors, producers and actors and anyone who emails us as!
We've already got some very positive feedback from a few actors and producers (fingers crossed everyone!) Melissa Suffield has expressed keen interest!

And our COMPLETE ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT is available HERE. It contains interviews, photos, detailed information about the movie and what we're trying to do with it, as well as the first 15 pages of the script!

Too Young to Die is being produced by Eze as Pi Productions, which has self funded all previous work they've done.
Now, with the scale of Too Young to Die, they're looking for help. From filmmakers and actors to donations and fans.
But no one wants a hand out. We want to create a community. Help us shape the best movie possible. Get in on the ground floor with us. it's going to be a hell of a ride!

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“… It’s going to be an emotional ride, that’s for sure, and I, for one, sincerely hope this flick gets the funding it needs and deserves, because I think it’s high time someone shakes up the zombie genre.”

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