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This film, written and soon to be produced and directed by The Thompson Brothers.
Wayne, Henry and Jim. Three strangers who became brothers and pooled their talents to realise their dreams.

The three of them have ran Eze as Pi Productions for the last several years, having shot one feature film (in a protracted post production cycle) and several short films, some of which have been screened around the world, including in the USA and France and the Cannes international film festival. The team is based in the North east of England (And should really be listed as Movie makers, not filmmakers. As they shoot digital. Ah Semantics!)


Wayne Thompson - Director of Eze as Pi:
Wayne has been working as an actor and make up effects artist for over 10 years. In that time he has appeared in TV shows, short and feature films. (Not to mention stunt riding, fight choreography, etc.)
The last few years, has been primarily working on his own. Producing and directing are just additional feathers in his filmmakers cap. Further establishing his dedication and passion for film.

Henry Thompson - Creative director of Eze as Pi:
American ex-patriot and ex-Graphic artist/photographer; Henry has a deep run passion for all media. Movies, TV shows, games, music, he loves it all and wants to dabble in it all. Aside from executive producing everything Eze as Pi has made, writing and directing WalkAway, and actively developing new scripts, he is working on some concepts for video games.

James Thompson - Producer at Eze as Pi:
Jim started his acting carrer in the theatre back home in Bermuda while he produced his own Web-comic for a few years. Jim moved to the UK looking to further his acting, starting with a lead role in WalkAway.
Always a writer, since his comic days, the Thompson brothers collaborate on everything now, Jim's particular brand of action and humor being a perfect fit with the Eze as Pi mentality of writing.

You can find out a lot more about the Thompson brothers and Eze as Pi's team at Http://



While all of their previous work has been self funded, due to the scope of Too Young to Die, the team has connected with Ben Douglas, a very talented CG artist for story boarding and VFX for the movie. And Brad Johnson, an associate producer and a US face for the film production.

Ben Douglas - Artist:
Ben has worked as character and environment artist on a series of independent video games as well as having worked with James Sutton, a video producer and fashion designer famous for his work with Azealia Banks, Will.I.Am and N.E.R.D. and his fashion line This is not clothing. While new to Eze as Pi on an official capacity, he has been making sense of chaos with the team randomly for quite some time. He also has a large following on YouTube for his informative free 3D learning courses where he shares the tips and tools of his trade to his many fans. Check his site out!



Brad Johnson - Associate producer:

Brad is the face of the American side of Eze as Pi Productions, offering representation to US investors and relations. A life long friend of Henry's Brad has recently joined Eze as Pi to help find funding for the film TooYoungtoDie. A passionate film and comic fan, he is finally able with Eze as Pi to experience making movies as well as watching them.


The team is also reaching out to investors and other producers to secure a bigger budget, due to the scope involved in the script. Additionally, the team look to recruit new talent and pool together like minded individuals. There is no shortage of talented people out there who aren't getting their dues. As development continues, the team will be looking to recruit new members for this film.

While still early stages, the team are looking for new ARTISTS right now.

There will be more news on openings and oppurtunites in the future. Keep checking back!