We are Too Young to Die first contact updates


1. By entering your email, you will be given updates regarding the development of the feature film "Too young to Die", if you would like these updates to stop, you can opt out at any time by emailing nocontact@wearetooyoungtodie.com and all emails will stop.

2. All information submitted to the We are Too Young to die website and the creators: 'Eze as Pi Productions Limited' is confidential within the staff and company.

3. None of the information submitted is shared with ANY other company, business, organisation or 3rd party persons. Unless expressly authorised by yourself.

4. The only sole purpose for the information submitted is that of contact between yourself and 'Eze as Pi Productions Limited' for the benefit of information about the forthcoming feature film "Too Young to Die" and other Eze as Pi productions limited films.

5. If response is made, via newsletter updates or a devoted email from a certified 'Eze as Pi Productions Limited' email address (e.g. xx@wearetooyoungtodie.com / xx@ezeaspi.com), the information exchanged will still be treated as confidential unless otherwise stated.

6. IF any of your data should be in the process of being shared with any of our partners (E.g. Street Level DMG) then you will be contacted, personally, for consent which you are fully entitled to refuse to.

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